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Agriper's Aska


E:  Silogården's Nixxon  U:  Asatron's Eja

Aska is also from my own breeding and she lives with and is owned by a close friend of mine, She is sister to Axa/Aaron and daughter of Eja. Aska is definitely like her mother and I think she will be just as fun as her mother too when it comes to work and competing with in the future. She is curious, independent with a hard head and likes adventures. She has a lot of playfulness and is really good in bitedrive.

Aska's owner want to train her towards detection search, obedience, Swedish bruksprov and canicross/bikejoring. In the bruksprov, they intend to train mainly in people search, but they also want to test the other branches in the sport. Aska might go into breeding but nothing is decided yet.


Competition results:

  • Known mentality, MH - Swedish mentality description. 4 on contact/greeting, 3 on handling, 4/5 on play, 1 on remaining fear and 1 on gunshot


HD A/A - ED 0/0 - 01/2023

Pedigree COI: 0,59%

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