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Who am I?

My name is Ida Fernberg and I'm a trained animal keeper, with main focus on dogs and zoo animals. Dogs has always been a big part of my life since I grew up with them, but after my education I chose to invest in the zoo industry and kept dogs only as my hobby.  

During basically my entire professional life, I worked in zoos and then mainly with predators and larger ungulates.

  In my early youth I had mostly German Shepherds around me, but the interest in other breeds developed after I had the opportunity to train and develop a border collie / tervueren mixed breed for 3 years. He was a fantastic dog who, fortunately, got all the good qualities of the breeds he had in him. The two of us developed a lot together during our years and it gave me a lot of useful experience. We practiced a number of different sports, but never went out on the competition field. Something we both liked a lot was freestyle and obedience.

After this I bought my first own dog, a German Shepherd, which I had to work a lot with. She had problems with fears and really bad selft esteem, which I needed to get under controll. I succeeded very well with her and the development progressed relatively quickly. She went from being afraid of almost everything and highly reactive with aggression - to being able to walk without a leash everywhere. Without her ever leaving my side. She was nice and it was actually possible to train most things with her, which was fantastic. Because she was basically afraid of toys when she came to me..


Except my history with German shepherd and the herder mix, I've also had several hunting dog breeds and also a chihuahua over the years. At most, I had six dogs at the same time, haha, and none of them in kennels... Completely crazy I know! But I have always really liked to develope good dogs, fix problem dogs and lay good foundations with them.  

It was really when my German Shepherd started to get older and also developed a lot of physical problems, that I wanted a new working breed and start investing more in dog sports. So I consulted my best friend who works as a dogtrainer and thus met many breeds in her daily life. She then suggested Beauceron because, I wanted something completely new. I quickly realized how few beaucerons there actually were in Sweden and that it possibly would be difficult to get a puppy..

But as by fate in 2015, it turned out that Maja Blom, Asatrons kennel, would have puppies pretty soon! So I contacted Maja and that was it!  

I founded Agriper's kennel in 2021 after being completely hooked by this fantastic breed. I feel that I want to be involved in the continued establishment of the breed in Sweden! 

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