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E:  Famas de la Noé d'Orient  U:  Asatrons Beila

Asatron's Eja
Asatron's Eja

In the spring of 2016 I got home my fantastic Asatron's Eja, 8 weeks old, from Maja Blom and Asatron's Kennel . A fierce bitch with incredibly good properties! She shocked me very much with her drive and hardness at work, but with a compliance like a softer herding dog towards me as her handler. Her social confidence is also very nice and she comes along with me every where I go.

Since she shows qualities that suit today's demand for working dogs, I made the decision to breed her and she is the founding mother of my kennel and breeding.

Eja is the mother of two of my litters:

Competition results:

  • Obedience Starting class - 149.5p, Approved.

  • Bruksprov Rapport AKL - 164.5p, Approved. Rapport 9p & 10p.

  • National Show - Very good & Excellent, ÖKK 2 & ÖKK 1

  • Korad, 500p & gunshot approved on MT - mentality test and approved exterior for breeding. 

  • Known mentality - MH, Swedish mentality description. 4 on contact/greeting, 4 on handling, 4 on play, 1 on remaining fear and 3 on gunshot

See documents from MH and MT in her photos.


HD A/A - ED UA (0/0) - 05/2017 (Eja comes from a litter where all siblings are free from HD / ED. The same goes for both her parents and their siblings.) 

Heart - NORMAL (DCM/MVD Free) - Echo by cardiologist 09/2022

Pedigree COI: 0,0%


Height: 63,5cm

Weight: 32kg



• Congenital deafness - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )

• Hyperuricosuria - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )

• Von Willebrand disease - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )

• Drug Sensitivity - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )


Morphological characteristics:

• Locus M, Merle colour - Non carrier Merle (m/m)

• Coat length - Non carrier long hair

• Curly or Wavy Hair (c¹) - Non carrier (C/C)

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