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Upcoming Litters

We plan to breed ​Agriper's Axa during late winter/spring 2025!

My plan is that Axa will compete in 2024 and we're going all in on IGP and BSL! Hopefully we will also have time to do the mental test (MT) this year as well.

With this litter I'm planning to use a male with qualities ​within protective work. I expect to get strong individuals with a lot of bite- and high drives
 out of the upcoming litter. So this will be dogs that demand experienced and active handlers, who is used to working dogs of this type and who has high ambitions. The intended stud will be published later on and everything is decided.

I already have some bookings for this litter, but if the litter becomes normal size or larger, there is still hope for a puppy to the right buyer! So if you have the required experience and high ambitions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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