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Current puppy litters

The B-Litter is born!

One female and one male!


This combination is expected to produce social and active dogs, with a lot of playfulness and willingness to work. Primarily for active homes with ambitions in sports. Only for active and homes with experience in working breeds!

♂️ Ommage des Feux de l'Ange


Ommage is a super friendly and well-balanced male, who is very forward and environmentally stable. He completely charms you with his cheerful attitude and good cooperation skills.

Ommage has previously left behind offspring with the same good character and a lot of playfulness!


Link to Ommage's breeder and owner page

Link to Ommage on SCC

♀️ Asatrons Eja


Eja is a kind and energetic bitch with a lot of drive, who loves to work. She has a well-developed bite- and playdrive, which makes her easily motivated at work. She has a good balance between independence and compliance. 

Eja has a litter since before where the bitches in particular, took a lot from their mother: A lot of energy and playfulness. While the males were more calm in character.

Link to the combination on Working-Dog

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