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Agriper's Axa


Sire:  Silogården's Nixxon  Dame:  Asatron's Eja

Axa is from my own breeding and is the daughter of my bitch Eja. She is a very cuddly girl who is very similar to her father Nixxon in her mentality. She is a stable and sensible bitch, who is compliant and curious about life. She has a good interest in toys and lots of playfulness. Her favorite is definitely balls.. She is very high drive in work, but with an fantastic consistency and concentration. She is easily motivated and loves to work and learn new things.  At home she is a real cuddly bear, who likes to  be in the center of attention.

The idea with Axa is that she will be a working and competing dog. We will mainly focus on IGP, IFH and obedience. During 2023/24we've been training very hard for IGP and both me and Axa really loves it! Hopefully we will do our competition debut in IGP/BSL during 2024!


Competition results:

  • ​​Obedience Start class - 01/08/23: 138p, Approved

  • Inoff Dogshow Hudiksvall - Excellent, HP puppy and BOB

  •  National Dogshow Alfta - Excellent, JUNKK 1

  •  International Dogshow Västerås - Excellent, JUNKK 1 & ÖKK 1

  • Known mentality, MH - Swedish mentality description. 4 on contact/greeting, 3 on handling, 4 on play, 1 on remaining fear and 1 on gunshot.


HD A/B - ED 0/- 10/2022

Pedigree COI: 0,59%

Embark g-COI: 16%



• Congenital deafness - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )

• Hyperuricosuria - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )

• Von Willebrand disease - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )

• Drug Sensitivity - Homozygous NORMAL ( Free )


Morphological characteristics:

• Locus M, Merle colour - Non carrier Merle (m/m)

• Coat length - Non carrier long hair

• Curly or Wavy Hair (c¹) - Non carrier (C/C)

Axa ED
Axa HD
Axa ED
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