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Agriper's Aaron


Sire:  Silogården's Nixxon  Dame:  Asatron's Eja

Aaron is from my own breeding and the first litter. Son of Eja and litter mate to Axa/Aska. Aaron came back to me at the end of winter 2024, when the living situation in his first home didn't quite suit him unfortunately. Aaron is a very nice male who grew up on a farm with several different farm animals a few miles from us. He has not yet been with us for such a long time, so I will update the info about him as time goes by. So far he is enjoying himself very well with our family!

The idea with Aaron is first of all that he needs to do both HD/ED x-ray and also MH.

I have already signed him up for a herding course with Ankie Hermansson in the middle of April, to see if he would be suitable as a herding dog and then also a course in people search (for the Bruksprov) in June. I will get to know him more over time, see what type of dog he is and what type of work he will be suitable for. Also the results after the x-ray will of course affect the choice of work. But what I already know is that he definitely likes to work and has a nice interest in both play and treat rewards. Something that is an important cornerstone for success in dog sports, whatever it may be!

Competition results:

MH - ? - Will be done in spring/summer 2024



HD? - ED? - X-ray done, waiting for results from SKK.

Pedigree-based inbreeding rate: ? - Embark test ordered!

Embark g-COI: ?



• Congenital deafness - ?

• Hyperuricosuria - ?

• Von Willebrand's disease - ?

• Drug sensitivity - ?


Morphological characteristics:

• Locus M, Merle color - ?

• Coat length - ?

• Curly or wavy hair (c¹) - ?

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