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Information to puppy buyers

Since the evaluation of my litters is of great importance, I wish that all my puppy buyers carry out:  

HD / ED X-ray at 16-24 months of age.  (hip and elbow dysplasia)  

MH or similar character test at 16-24 months of age.  (SBK's Mentality Description for working breeds)  

It is of the utmost importance that I can evaluate my litters. It benefits everyone that we breeders have good data when we conduct our breeding.

For my swedish puppy buyers, I arrange MH for the litter when it is due, a so-called breeder MH. Otherwise i'll help with booking another MH, if you're not able to join the breeders-MH.  

I also help to book time for X-rays and submission of the correct documentation to SKK for reading if there is a need for my puppy buyers.

Since I breed dogs with high drive and good potential in work, I primarily want my puppies to be in homes where you have the ambitions to compete and train your dog.

But with that said, I'm not impossible when it comes to placing certain puppies in homes where the competition interest is not a priority, But  where you still live an active life and are well aware of what a Beauceron from my lines requires.

If you are a beginner in dog sports, but still have experience with dogs.. You are absolutely welcome to contact me! I offer some courses and training meetings continuously, where you can get all the tools to develop your interest in dog sports.

It's really great fun for both you and your dog!

Price for a puppy, year 20?:


When your puppy is delivered at 8 weeks of age, it is:

  • Registered in Swedish Kennelclub, SKK

  • Checked by veterinarian

  • Passport

  • Vaccinated DHPPi - Rabies vacc. by request and expense of the buyer

  • Microchiped

  • Dewormed

  • Insured for unknown defects within 3 years

*N.B* Please, check your countrys import rules thoroughly!

If your country requires rabies vaccination, there will be an additional cost of 590sek.

If a puppy needs to stay with me longer than 15weeks of age after purchase, I will charge 250sek extra per week. This is because I will continue the much needed training of your puppy (social, environmental, potty, flight-crate, etc) and also feed.

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